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Pressure Washing Service Accrington

Always Prepared

If your driveway or patio is looking a little tired and dirty, Aqua Team UK are highly experienced in all aspects of driveway cleaning.


Over time your driveway can have a build up of moss, weeds, algae and dirt leaving it discoloured and looking old - Rest assured Aqua Team UK can bring it back to life with our professional experience and approach.

Our pressure washing service is sure to leave your residential or commercial property looking stunning again.

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From £89


Moss is incredibly effective at absorbing moisture, which means that any moisture trying to leave your PATIO/FLAGS will be captured.

Moss is also very likely to grow in between pointing, filling up the voids between them which can lift the cement and expose what lies underneath future weed growth.

Dirt, grime, scuffs and general air pollution can lead to quite a severe discolouration of the concrete on your drive or patio.

Green mould and algae can spread quickly and presents a slip hazard to us all.

Fallen leaves cause problems in the autumn Autumn brings falling leaves and damp weather, which can compost on your patio or drive and leave stains

A dirty drive/patio certainly takes that kerb appeal away from your property leading to unsightly eyesore to look at.


If you’re a homeowner, a well-maintained drive and patio not only makes your property look nicer, it will also add value to your house price.

Regularly maintaining your patio and drive to eradicate dirt, grime, mould and weed growth can save you a lot of time in the long-term as it prevents the problem from getting out of hand.

There’s nothing worse than slaving away over a stubborn spot of grime that’s been there for months!

Applying Aqua Team protective barrier that prevents algae and mould from growing back for up to 6 months.

Cleaning of your patio and applying the preventative treatments WILL instantly change the look of your home.

NO more potential slips and trips resulting to injury from slimy drives/patios

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Aqua Team pressure washing service promises a complete rejuvenation of your old, green, algae and mossy driveway/patio by using our proven process.


Tailored Approach

Aqua Team offer a tailored approach to driveway power washing, as we have variable settings to all of our equipment, we can clean driveways, walls, patios, among others  all tailored to your needs.

Fungus removal

Aqua Teams Pressure Washing removes fungus such as moss, algae, black and white spot, animal waste, oil stains and many more. Our expert products and treatments give proven results time and time again.


It's paramount to Aqua Team that we get repeat business, that's why we offer a competitive rate at the highest quality to not only leave our customers satisfied, but to leave them delighted from the start of the project to the finish. 

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Excellent reputation and a proven quality service.

Contact us today for your free no obligation quote.

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Why Choose Aqua Team Pressure Washing Service

Fully Insured with Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

100% Safe procedures while using the industries leading equipment.

All our staff are COSHH chemical certified. 

All staff highly trained and have a safety first mindset in this field.

100% Satisfaction by always going the extra mile in ensuring our clients are delighted with the work complete.

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Office: 0800 433 2782 - Mobile: 07434 732853

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Office: 0800 433 2782

Mobile: 07434 732853

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